Togi-shi(Lapping Crafter)

 What kind of work?

Creates smoothness of lacquerware. Polishing influences on quality of coating.

Lacquerware is produced in three process; wood substrate making, coating, and decorative works. The coating consists of three steps; first, middle, and final coats. Togi-shi makes the surface smooth to secure adhesiveness of Urushi at each of the steps. The craftsman removes irregularities of surface by using its techniques of water and dry lapping, and charcoal lapping, with the use of grind stone, sandpaper, grind charcoal. The results help Nu-shi, works at the next process, perform placing Urushi easier. Quality of lacquering depends not only on Nu-shi but also techniques of Togi-shi.

 Desired characteristics

Techniques of repetitive polishing requires teamwork to achieve excellent finish.

Polishing work enhances elegance of lacquerware through the process from first to final coats. The job may be appropriate for those who are fascinated by this sensitive beauty. Also, as a set of “Nu-shi makes some coated and Togi-shi polishes them” is repeated, teamwork is required in this process. Togi-shi has to consider in what way he can help Nu-shi performs its coating job easier. One more thing to say is that such Nu-shi process is indispensable for most types of lacqurewares such as Ryuku Lacquer in Okinawa, Wajima Lacquer in Ishikawa, and Tsugaru-nuri in Aomori. The important element of Togi-shi’s job is to well understand characters of each of those techniques for quality polishing.

 The Path to Becoming a Togi-shi

Apprenticeship at lacquerware maker. Learning at school or training agency.

Course of basic knowledge of lacquering is available at art-related university, vocational school, or lacquering training agency. Finding an employment at lacquerware maker of apprenticeship to a craftsman can also be the door to enter.

Products Furniture,Tableware,Accessories,Bowl,dish,Tray,Boxes,Saucer,Tea ceremony utensils,Flower vases
Qualification Lacquerware production certified technician
Related craftsmen Nu-shi(Coating Crafter) Makie-shi (Gold or Silver Lacquering Crafter) Roiro-shi (Polishing Crafter) Kiji-shi(Wood substrate Crafter)