Roiro-shi(Polishing Crafter)

 What kind of work?

Creates gloss like mirror, fascinates people who see it.

In a series of lacquering process involving wood sbstrate, coating, and decorative work, Roiro-shi takes the final part in making the surface of products glossy at decorative stage. By repeating the work “To make the surface smooth by lapping with charcoal and polish it by rubbing Urushi” after final coating is done, the gloss becomes at the level of a mirror. This creates a solid and robust impression. As no scratch, even as thin as a hair, is allowed to leave, Roiro is performed carefully by the craftsman’s fingers. In some cases, some decorative work such as Makie or Chinkin are performed after Roiro, as indispensable finishes for lacquerwares.

 Desired characteristics

Finishes by own fingers. Precise work leaving no scratches even slightly.

Roiro-shi, who might affect quality of finished lacquerwares, uses its own hands for the work. This job may be appropriate for those having keen sense in addition to being a fan of lacquerwares. Persistence is required for Roiro-shi as no dust and thin scratch are allowed to leave on the products even slightly. By performing polishing carefully, beauty in depth appears, and if it is in black, the gloss becomes jet-black as if it would pull you in. Here is a subtle and profound charm of craftsmanship attracting people.

 The Path to Becoming a Roiro-shi

Patiently and carefully. Learn about lacquering at the places of origins.

You can learn basic knowledge of lacquering at the training center in Ishikawa Prefecture, known for Wajima Lacquer. Similar opportunities are also available in such places as Kyoto and Aomori known as famous lacquerware origins, for being apprenticed or finding employment.

Products Furniture,Tableware,Accessories,Tea ceremony utensils,Flower vases,Low table,Inkstone case,Chopsticks
Qualification Lacquerware production certified technician
Related craftsmen Togi-shi(Lapping Crafter) Chinkin-shi (Sunken Gold Crafter) Makie-shi (Gold or Silver Lacquering Crafter) Kiji-shi (Wood Substrate Crafter) Nu-shi(Coating Crafter)