Chinkin-shi(Sunken Gold Crafter)

 What kind of work?

Engraves patterns on lacquerware, places gilt. Decorative techniques to describe elegance.

Chinkin-shi is to perform engraving on surface of lacquerware, place gold powders and gilt, in order to create brilliant patterns. The work of Chinkin is done at the final part of whole lacquering process under division of labor system, and important decorative process as it may affect quality of finished lacquerware. The work involves draft sketching, rubbing Urushi which acts as adhesive, gilt placement, and drying. Also unlike Makie technique, this process allows no mistake even only once because it involves engraving. In addition, highly skilled technique is required enough to work on objects in rounded shape such as bowls. Experiences developed for a long time and skilled techniques of craftsmen produce lacquerwares in elegance.

 Desired characteristics

Fun to produce things under collaboration. Responsibility at the final process.

Chinkin is a process involving many other craftsmen, and be responsible for finalization of the whole process. It is not too much to say that robustness and elegance of lacquerware depends on the final decorative work. Thus, Chinkin-shi is required to be responsible and be persistent to polish its techniques on a step by step basis. Also lacquering process under division of labor requires teamwork between craftsmen. No one can become an expert Chinkin-shi as long as he/she is keen only to develop its own techniques. Thinking of users of products and other craftsmen is necessary while learning Chinkin.

 The Path to Becoming a Chinkin-shi

Learn about lacquering at the places of origins. Ten years or more to be full-fledged.

No particular academic background or qualifications are required. The suggested is to become apprenticed or find employment at a lacquerware maker in any places nationwide from Okinawa to Tohoku area. Learning at an art-related university or vocational school is also possible. Keep learning techniques in patience as it takes 10 years or more to be full-fledged.

Products Furniture,Tableware,Accessories,Bowl,dish,Tray,Boxes,Saucer,Tea ceremony utensils,Flower vases,Dolls,Jujube-shaped tea container
Qualification Lacquerware production certified technician
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