Bamboo Craftsman

 What kind of work?

Applying a variety of techniques, while benefitting from the robustness and flexibility of material.

Bamboo crafts are produced with techniques such as splitting, shaving, and weaving. Works like bending and splitting can be easily done on bamboo because of the robustness and flexibility, and the products are offered in wide range such as from baskets, green tea muddlers, fishing rods, bows, and interior goods. Because bamboo can be harvested everywhere over the country, we have been familiar with bamboo crafts as our living ware since old times. Make of bamboo craft starts with selecting appropriate bamboo material and performing preparation work, and the process of make is different for different types of products, such that colanders are produced by weaving, tea muddlers are by splitting, and bows are by shaving. Sometimes more than 200 different processes are performed by only one craftsman by hand. Because craftsmen put their soul into all the processes, it is in the natural order of things that the products are offered with the robustness and beauty supported by the characteristics of bamboo itself. On top of that, the gloss and suppleness of touch of the surface of bamboo become evident across the ages, and rich texture that can never be obtained by plastics or any artificial products becomes appeared.

 Desired characteristics

Developing the own style, creating a new era with users’ mindset.

The work of making bamboo crafts is suited to those who are eager to create something new only with a single material (bamboo) but by applying a variety of techniques. One of the delights in this work is to enjoy fresh aroma of blue bamboos when you go into the forest to make your choice. As the aroma comes up also when you process the material, those who love the aroma of bamboo are also cut out for this work. One thing for the bamboo craftsmen to keep in mind is to understand the “users’ mindset”. Although needless to say each of the techniques is important, it is meaningless if the user become unsatisfied with the products. Some craftsmen thus take a walk in order to try to feel people, town, and the air by themselves. The bamboo crafts, associated with ease of work, flexibly adapt changes of the time, involving a great potential to create a new era with new ideas.

 The Path to Becoming a Bamboo Craftsman

Areas of production widespread from Kyushu to Kanto, passing National Skill Test spreads world of techniques.

There is a vocational school in Oita, well-known as a production area of bamboo crafts, where you can learn the techniques. Also in Okayama, Osaka, Shizuoka, Tokyo and some other area, you have opportunities to take apprenticeship or be employed at bamboo craft factories. Polish your techniques by getting experiences through ascetic training at a real production place.

Products Tea ceremony utensils,Flower vases,Sheng Basket,Tapestry,Saucer,Tea whisk,Insect Cage,Bamboo blind,Bow,Fishing rod
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